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Our daily life has a continuous regularity, but it still contains small variations. The position of the tap is different, toilet paper runs out and my garbage bin gets fuller. Everything we do is never the same but a bit unique.  In this work I want to show the repetition in life, each day we perform the same things but in a slightly different way.

This was a research to how I visualize pattern recognition. The day and week serve as a grid where we plan our lives into. "We are living in the grid".


In the way we do things lay small predictable variations but the actions are the same. 

Horizontally stands the duration of a day (24h), vertically the days of the week. In that way, the viewer gets a quick overview of what is done per hour. We can distract that the same actions are performed in a certain hour. (was shown as a projection)

Daily Pattern, 2017

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Gratis levering in België vanaf €80. Objecten worden binnen 8-15 werkdagen gemaakt en geleverd. Bestellingen enkel met kaartjes en prints binnen 2 à 3 werkdagen.

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