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Mapping the Clouds, 2015

Using existing databases and self generated data, I mapped one aspect of the weather. During a specific time period of exactly one week, I registered 

and observed clouds.


First I studied all of them. They are classified into groups: high, low, medium and vertically developed clouds. But also in genera, species and subspecies.


Every hour of the day during a week, from 10h ‘til 20h, I drew the clouds with charcoal and registered the cloud types, rainfall, wind speed and temperature for each day. That way I could link the clouds to the type of weather. The result became a big cloud booklet.

Gratis levering in België vanaf €80. Objecten worden binnen 8-15 werkdagen gemaakt en geleverd. Bestellingen enkel met kaartjes en prints binnen 2 à 3 werkdagen.

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