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Speed of the Eye, 2017

Visual behavior can be described on basis of saccades and fixations. Seeing implies constant movements of our eyes, head and body. Perception is an active process: we scan text and image non-stop and create a scan path: fixation-saccade-fixation. 

Saccades are very fast eye jumps. This movement's goal is to find a new point of fixation. There is no perception during a saccade because its speed is too high. It lasts 20 to 60 ms. Fixations, or looking for a long time to a specific 

point, brings things into focus. They last 250 to 500 ms. Our eyes move 3 à 4 times per second, that comes down at around 170 000 times a day. This makes the eyes the most frequently and fastest moving muscles.

These three images are a representation of my scan path during half a minute looking at: my own face, a landscape and a building. With each image, the order of fixations is displayed separately.

Speed of the Eye

Scanpath of a landscape in my hometown, Ternat

Scanpath of the Saint-Maria chuch in Schaerbeek, Brussels

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