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Meeki Choget, pseudonym for Mieke Gochet (°1995), is based in Ternat, nearby Brussels (Belgium) where she studied Graphic Design & Illustration during three years. She proceeded with a master's degree in Media & Information Design. Fascinated by all things creative ever since she was a child. 
She loves making silly, colorful prints and cards.
At the moment, she is experimenting with ceramics and illustration.

Selling points

Our postcards are being sold atphoneticin Aalst,My Ex Boyfriendin Mechelen,Thelmain Louvain,Balder stationin Berlaar,Karen FrancoisPop up Antwerp,Tangerine Sunshinein Berchem.

Our sculptures are being sold atNon Mood Shopin Kortrijk,Tangerine Sunshinein Berchem,Karen Francois' Popup  in Antwerp.

Featured in

Knack Weekend, De Standaard Magazine, De Morgen Magazine.

Gratis levering in België vanaf €80. Objecten worden binnen 8-15 werkdagen gemaakt en geleverd. Bestellingen enkel met kaartjes en prints binnen 2 à 3 werkdagen.

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