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Object Overload, 2018

A self-application on conspicious consumption in a materialistic society

We have more stuff than we could ever need. The sheer numbers of things people possess today, prove we're dealing with extraordinary clutter. We became very conspicuous consumers and highly materialistic individuals. In my master project, I used myself as an example for this contemporary problem. By wondering how many things I have, I archived as many things as possible and came to the conclusion it's, almost uncountable, a lot. I came down to an intermediate position of 3027 objects. To show the exaggerated amount, I counted how much I have of everything. To show the absurdity and (un)usefulness, I divided them into several categories.

A few pages from the website, made in XD Design (clickable prototype)

Schermafbeelding 2018-07-09 om 13.53.32.

Gratis levering in België vanaf €80. Objecten worden binnen 8-15 werkdagen gemaakt en geleverd. Bestellingen enkel met kaartjes en prints binnen 2 à 3 werkdagen.

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