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Loops IV (Philippe Hurel), 2017

Through the Loops compositions, Hurel examines how a rather intuitively musical subject gives shape to a composition. This by using strict processes. I used this intuitive approach by looking at movement in nature and the commonness, banality. Interaction and teamwork between image and music arises. 

Silent Animal, 2017

This video projection is based on a poem of the Belgian poet, Hugo Claus. It reminded me of fish in aquariums and consists of four times four sentences. I created four groups of different images and called them: scales, moshpits, dreamy corals and love pairs. Every sentence suits the type of image that is used. 

The images were made in the Aquarium of Brussels.

the poem


Scales, feathers sting and my skin is jumping

And exposes her worms

When your breath meets mine

And shadow plays forms. 

If I touch you 

Become the flint of my stone seed

a cold fire,

An evil tide. 


Like the silent animal 

I swell when I enter into you. 

We are mixed en 

Fulfilled by the most alienating language,


By the secret burning

The Blinded Walk, 

The cruelty of smoked hands, 

Through the teeth of love. 

Fourth poem from 'a woman', from poetry collection 'Oostakkerse poems'

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